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Scientific Software

Everything should work out of the box, without further configuration !

Here is a list of scientific software available on each desktop:

Software Documentation Use folowing commands in a terminal
amdlib http://www.jmmc.fr/data_processing_amber.htm amdlib
Aspro2 http://www.jmmc.fr/aspro aspro2 ( do not use the jmmc web site launcher)
Gasgano https://www.eso.org/sci/software/gasgano.html gasgano


type bsmem -h in the terminal


type help in the bsmem prompt

IDL   idl
LITpro http://www.jmmc.fr/litpro litpro
MIA more details on the dedicated tutorial section mia
mira http://www-obs.univ-lyon1.fr/labo/perso/eric.thiebaut/?Software/MiRA

cd /home/linux/easy-yorick-2013-09-12/mira-2013-Barcelonnette


then #include "mira.i"

oifitslib http://www.mrao.cam.ac.uk/projects/OAS/oi_data/oifits.html oifits-merge oifits-filter or oifits-check
fv http://heasarc.gsfc.nasa.gov/ftools/fv/ fv
dfits, fitsort http://archive.eso.org/saft/ dfits fitsort

School Server

Installed tools:


One printer (Ricoh Aficio MP C3000 ) is available through the network on printer.seolane.lan / . This A4 printer is installed on the school computers as ricoh

DELL laptops

Account : linux Password : linux

  • /school/soft/ contains the school-related software.
  • /home/linux/data material has been copied in the data directory of the linux home directory for direct usage.
  • /school/data/ or /mnt/server/data/ stores Verbatim files

Network configuration

School laptops are connected onto a private network. Other computer can connect the network through wifi. All of them can access the web and reach the server at eg.

Room layout

Poster   room
Practice room

----------------------------------      -----------------------------------
|  PC8 |   PC7 |  PC6   |  PC 5  |      |  PC4   |  PC3   |  PC2  |  PC1  |       
----------------------------------      -----------------------------------

     -------------------------------      -------------------------------
     |  PC9 | PC10 |  PC11 |  PC12 |      |  PC13 |  PC14 | PC15 | PC16 |       
     -------------------------------      -------------------------------

---------------------------------      -------------------------------
| Server|                  PC21 |      |  PC20 |  PC19 | PC18 | PC17 |       
---------------------------------      -------------------------------

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