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Data model table for main datasets:

M = mandatory, O = optional, D = deduced from the oifits keywords or from the other metadata, N/A not applicable

ObsCore minimal metadata:

field unit datatype L0 L1 L2 L3 inOifits sample (Oifits file) Sort description remarques
dataproduct_type   text D D D D   visibility High level scientific classification of the data product, taken from an enumeration Predefined enumeration: image, cube, spectrum, sed, timeseries, visibility, event
dataproduct_subtype   text D D D D   opticalInterferometryData Data product specific type  
calib_level   integer 0 1 2 3   3 Amount of data processing that has been applied to the data  
target_name   text M M MD MD X HD31964 Object a targeted observation  
obs_id   text M M M M     a unique local identifier for an archive dataset (runId/progId, e.g. 089.C-0605 ) or generated one for combined data We should allow several obs_id.
obs_collection   text N/A N/A N/A O   J/A+A/544/A91 Name of a data collection (e.g., project name) this data belongs to  
obs_creator_name   text MD (Instrument PI) M (data builder) M (data builder) M (dataPI/1st author of the paper)   Mourard, D. instrument PI obscore says "institution or entity name which created the dataset". It is also the last institution/entity who added value to the dataset, can be contacted with a generic email like chara@ or vlti@, etc. It is NOT a person.
obs_release_date   timestamp MD MD MD N/A     Date of public release Mandatory for private data. Predefined rules depending on source can be applied
obs_publisher_did   TBD MD MD MD MD   007 Instrument PI ID IVOA identifier, one unique ID for JMMC in the format IVORN: ivo://jmmc/oidb#local_ID
bib_reference   text N/A N/A N/A M   2012A&A...544A..91M Bibcode  
data_rights   text M M M public   public TBD private, proprietary, public. L0 metadata are public but data access may be restricted
access_url   text N/A M/D M/D M/D   HA2009. The URL at which to obtain the data set. L0: page url of these L0 metadata
access_format   text N/A D D D   application/fits, application/oifits MIME type of the resource at access_url  
access_estsize [kbyte]   integer N/A D D D   34560 Estimated size of data product  
s_ra   real MD MD MD MD X 0 Right ascension of the reference point of the observation, ICRS  
s_dec   real MD MD MD MD X 0 Declination of the reference point of the observation, ICRS  
s_fov [deg] real O OD OD OD X Approximate spatial extent for the region covered by the observation  
s_region   spoly O OD OD OD X Region covered by the observation, as a polygon  
s_resolution [arcsec] real O OD OD OD X   Best spatial resolution within the data set  
t_min [d] real M MD MD MD X 55141.1 Lower bound of times represented in the data set, as MJD  
t_max [d] real M MD MD MD X 55141.5 Upper bound of times represented in the data set, as MJD  
t_exptime [s] real O MD OD OD X 0.05 Total exposure time (seconds)  
t_resolution [s] real O OD OD OD X 0.5 Minimal significant time interval along the time axis  
em_min [m] real MD MD MD MD X 6.54085e-07 Minimal wavelength represented within the data set From wavelength table of OIFits files, from instrument mode otherwise
em_max [m] real MD MD MD MD X 6.585352e-07 Maximal wavelength represented within the data set See em_min.
em_res_power   real D D D D   400 Spectral resolving power delta lambda/lamda page ASPRO2
o_ucd   text           UCD for the product's observable NULL until an appropriate UCD is defined
pol_states   text O O O O   NULL List of polarization states in the data set NULL (default) or combination of I Q U V RR LL RL LR XX YY XY YX POLI POLA
facility_name   text MD D D D   MtW.CHARA Name of the facility at which data was taken To be confirmed with the submission report, http://vo.ads.harvard.edu/dv/facilities.txt
instrument_name   text M MD MD MD X VEGA Name of the instrument (detector) that produced the data mainly deduced from OIWAVELENGTH.INSNAME. This column can be linked to the associated instrument page

Additional (OIDB) metadata included in TAP records:

field unit datatype L0 L1 L2 L3 inOifits sample (Oifits file) Sort description remarques
nb_channels   integer D D D D X 90 TBD  
nb_vis   integer N/A D D D X 90 TBD  
nb_vis2   integer N/A D D D X 0 TBD  
nb_t3   integer N/A D D D X 0 TBD  
subdate   timestamp D D D D   2014-02-18 23:38:41.0 submission date generated automatically by OiDB portal. Use obs_creation_date instead?
datapi   text O O O O     principal contact point this is mainly to improve lack of contact information not covered by obscore. This will refer to the PI of the proposal associated to the data. eg.: obs log generaly are provided by an institution or automatic archive such L2 PIONIER are generated by Jean-Baptiste LeBouquin
quality_flag   integer O M M M   2 Information about t_0, r_0 for L0. For L1,L2,L3: manually filled Integer from 0 (unknown), 1 (low) to 5 (high). see ticket 579
telescope_configuration   text M D D D X UT1-UT2 Telescope configuration is facility dependent but could be dereferenced to get common information (min/max baseline e.g.)
instrument_mode   text M M M M   LR value that could be dereferenced by oidb to get Dispersion mode, filters add camera mode ?
keywords   text O O O OD   stars: individual: epsilon Aurigae, binaries: eclipsing, stars: massive, stars: AGB and post-AGB, circumstellar matter Astrophysical keywords ADS / OLBIN keywords
proposal_id   text O O O O     program or proposal ID added by different manners

Additional (OIDB) metadata not included in TAP records (only in the XML database):

comments   text O O O O     List of user comments Added through web interface. Provided by TAP ?

(find more information about the observation core datamodel: http://www.ivoa.net/documents/ObsCore/ )


  • define dataModel to store instrument informations:
    • with instrument name, instrument_id, instrument_piId , instrument_piId, instrument_mainUrl... facility link ?
  • use proposal_id (TAP standard) instead of progid

TODO for our specific columns

define a prefix

-- GuillaumeMella - oidb ?

shorten some column names

  • Telescope configuration
  • Instrument mode
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