Welcome onto the home page of the YOCO distribution

What is YOCO ?

YOCO stands for YOrick COntributions. It is basically a yorick package which groups contributions from astronomers of the Grenoble Observatory (or which were before at Grenoble). It contains mainly
  • a GUI file browser
  • a cfitsio plugin
  • many other functions
that are not implemented in the standard yorick distribution.

Please save the new URL as bookmark for permanent access: http://www.jmmc.fr/yoco


Please contact fmillour at oca.eu to provide feedback or get support on yoco.



  • Unpack the tgz archive
  • run install.sh
  • enjoy

In case of problem, please have a look to the install log file and see if you can find any of these well-known errors before contacting the developpers:

  • play/x11 error: you likely do not have the header files associated with your x11 library. This is a known issue when compiling yorick from scratch as this library is not always installed by default in the distributions. Please install these headers first and try compiling again.

It is recommended to use amdlib through either rlterm/rlwrap utility or emacs as explained on http://yorick.sourceforge.net/environ.php web page. rlterm or rlwrap offer you command recall and command-line editing capabilities:

  • Linux users may install rlwrap or rlterm from their common package manager tool.
  • Mac users may copy the prepared binaries into one bin directory present in their PATH. Binaries are available from http://jmmc.fr/~swmgr/rlwrap


You can get the release and daily source packages from the download area

Please note that the current release version is on top of Version 3. We advice to use the more recent version because no support is given for the daily packages (tagged with SVN).

Where is YOCO used?


  • Build the documentation extracted from the code (FM) and place it online (GM)

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