Jean-Marie Mariotti Center

The JMMC Stellar Diameter Catalog (JSDC) version 2

This catalogue contains stellar angular diameter estimates for nearly all the stars of the Hipparcos and Tycho catalogue that have an associated spectral type in Simbad. The median error on the diameters is around 1.5%, with possible biases of around ∼2%. For each object, the limb-darkened diameter retained is the mean value of several estimates performed using different couples of photometries. The chi-square representing the dispersion between these values is also given (it is below 2 for ∼400000 stars). An additional flag signals stars that could represent a risk if chosen as calibrators for Optical Long-Baseline Interferometry, independently of the correctness of their apparent diameter estimate.

Thi catalog II/346 replaces our previous catalog II/300/jsdc aka JSDC v1.

You may prefer to use our specialized tool SearchCal with ~ 2.5M star diameters available.


A paper and poster presented at SPIE 2014 Montreal are associated with the JSDC version 2. The Readme associated with the catalogue is also worth reading.

Data Products

The JSDC catalogue access is available at Vizier (Cat. II/346) , thanks to the CDS services.
To get the catalogue in the fits format (binary table) or in the VOTable format, please use following links:

If you have any question, please contact the jmmc user support.

Related Products

The JMDC, table of all published stellar diameter direct measurements, see the CDS version.


If your research has benefitted from the JSDC, please acknowledge the use of this JMMC facility by citing the reference paper and adding the following text in the acknowledgements section:

"This research has made use of the Jean-Marie Mariotti Center JSDC catalogue\footnote{available at}"

Citing the reference catalog of observed angular diameters on which the JSDC is founded would also be appreciated.