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The Astronomical Software to PRepare Observations

ASPRO 2 - the new version of ASPRO - is a complete observation preparation tool developed and maintained by the JMMC that allows to prepare interferometric observations with the VLTI or other interferometers. It is a Java standalone program providing a dynamic graphical interface to simulate the projected baseline evolution during the observations (supersynthesis), derive the visibilities for your targets (single star, binaries, user defined FITS image,...), and offers many additional useful functions: load and save your observation settings, generate Observing Blocks ...

A description of the JMMC Working Group on the developement of ASPRO can be found on this page.

ASPRO 2 Java WebStart

ASPRO 2 Documentation

The following web page contains the ASPRO 2 User manual.

As ASPRO 2 is still in development, changes will be reported through the ASPRO 2 feed.

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If this software was helpful in your research, please use this acknowledgement and reference paper.

ASPRO 2 depends on many open source libraries including these important astronomical / VO libraries:

The exhaustive list of open source libraries is available: view credits

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Sep. 2012: ASPRO does not get active support anymore (legacy software) but is still available on this page.