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SearchCal: the JMMC Evolutive Search Calibrator Tool

SearchCal is a tool developed by the JMMC Working Group "catalogue of calibration sources" to assist the astronomers in this calibrator selection process for long baseline interferometric observations.

The science behind SearchCal is described in the 2016 paper "Pseudomagnitudes and differential surface brightness: Application to the apparent diameter of stars." by Chelli A., Duvert G., Bourgès L. et al., 2016, A&A, 589, 112.

The SearchCal user interface (check download link below) give access to the complete JSDC catalog for stars having a spectral type estimate and to a less precise estimate for the other 2 million stars of the Tycho list for which the spectral type has not been measured (yet).

Additional help in using SearchCal results can be found on the SearchCal Wiki Page.

Last Minute: expect some problems with the few stars identified by SIMBAD as planet-hosting stars (confusion). This will be corrected ASAP.


If this software was helpful in your research, please use this acknowledgement and reference paper.

A previous version of SearchCal was based on the following works:


You can get the user manual in pdf format or access it online (from Help menu).