Jean-Marie Mariotti Center

OIVAL: the JMMC OI-FITS validator tool


The OI-FITS format is commonly used to store data provided by optical interferometers. The OIVAL service is intended to check the validity of OI-FITS files relative to IAU standard. It is developed and maintained by the Technical Staff of the JMMC.
The tool provides information about an input file, especially if this one isn't compliant with the norm, with different levels of granularity. It checks:


Presently the service is installed onto the jmmc servers. You can use it through one html form. We plan to distribute this application as a standalone graphical tool that could be used offline as VO tool.

This tool requires valid FITS file.You can previously check your data with the FITS File Verifier.

Use online form to check oifits files.

Do not hesitate to contact the User Support page to report comment or bug ( or retrieve the old version).

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