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LITpro: a JMMC model fitting software

LITpro is a model fitting software, developed and maintained by one JMMC working group ( CRAL, IPAG and LAGRANGE ).
This software has been developed for the model fitting of data obtained from various stellar optical interferometers and written in the OI Exchange Format. It provides a set of elementary geometrical and center-to-limb darkening functions, all combinable together, which allow to fit Visibilities, Square Visibilities or Triple Products, or any combination of previous observables. It allows to visualize by various plots the data as well as the models and the results of the fits. Tools also have been developed to help users to find the global minimums.

Scientific and technical background of LITpro are described in the paper

LITpro Java WebStart

One optical interferometric data sharing area is provided to test software. This area may be enriched by data of the user who wishes to share with the community his experience of model fitting with LITpro (success or problem). That will help us for improving the software, the GUI as well as LITpro.

Most of the oifits files of this area, which is also available for image reconstruction, can be used by LITpro. But for the objects of the Interferometric Imaging Beauty contests for exemple, model fitting can only help for the measurement of parameters.

No oifits data is stored on server side when running in client/server mode.



If this software was helpful in your research, please use this acknowledgement and reference paper.

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