Jean-Marie Mariotti Center

JSDC : The JMMC Stellar Diameters Catalog


We compiled a new static catalogue of 38472 bright star diameters, known as JSDC (JMMC Stellar Diameters Catalog). All those selected stars have a parallax measurement and we use the "Bright" option of SearchCal presented in Bonneau et al. (2006) to compute their diameters. The catalogue conforms to the following scientific criteria :


A paper and poster presented at SPIE2010 San Diego further describe JSDC.

Data Products

The JSDC catalogue access is given onto Vizier (Cat. II/300) thanks to the CDS services.
To get the catalogue in the fits format (binary table), please contact the jmmc user support.

Preliminary JSDC v2 release

The JSDC version 2 is currently in progress and a paper and poster presented at ADASS XXIII describe the new JSDC scenario based on SearchCal improvements, study catalog results (more than 55 000 stars, more giant stars) and compare this new release with the former JSDC v1.

To get the preliminary JSDC v2 catalogue, please use following links:

If you have any question, please contact the jmmc user support.