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December 20, 2018

OImaging version 0.5

  • Features:
    • Fixed MiRA default values for regularization parameters Gamma (20mas) / tau (1e-2)
    • Improved GUI for MiRA parameters (combo box, defaults values)
    • Improved handling of input parameters for MiRA in GUI
    • Updated MiRA software on the server side (fully functional): Merry Christmas 2018 !
    • Added 'Rescale' button on the image viewer to adjust the image increments and FOV (scaling)
    • Added 'Viewport' button on the image viewer to adjust the image RA/DE coverage and FOV (enlarge / reduce)
    • Added 'Resample image' action in the new Processing menu and on the image viewer to resample properly the current FITS image
    • Added 'Send OIFits data' action in the Interop menu to share OIFits data with OIFitsExplorer and other VO tools
    • Added 'Send Fits image' action in the Interop menu to share Fits image with any VO tools
    • Better software parameter handling: hide unsupported standard parameters per software
    • Use more precision for min/max wavelengths
    • added check if a job is still running before quitting
    • Add File/New action to reset current session
    • Add Edit/Delete action to remove the selected results
    • Preliminary support for MiRA
    • Enable expression evaluator in OIFits plots
    • Improved GUI to deal with software optional parameters
    • Improved GUI to deal with software parameters (common / specific)
    • Improved Java support (9 + mac OS X) but Java 7 minimum is now required
  • Changes:
    • Fixed FITS keyword handling to avoid duplicated keywords in image HDUs and IMAGE-OI INPUT PARAM table
    • Request UWS job deletion after result retrieval (is also done weekly on the server side in case of failure)
    • Internal refactoring arround OIFits internal model. At present time, OIFits V2 are loaded as V1
    • Use heat as default LUT table for the FITS image viewer
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed HTTP connection issues (using now apache http client 4.x for robustness)

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February 20, 2019 10:30 PM
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