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April 16, 2019

SearchCal version 5.1.1

  • Features:
    • Do not reset calibrator filters when new query results are loaded; use the new 'Reset Filters' action in the 'Calibrators' menu if needed
    • Always reset the calibrator table if the query returned no calibrator
  • Changes:
    • Change hardcoded IP of SearchCal Server (required only on networks without DNS). If you can't upgrade your installation, you can set the '' preference in to ''

April 02, 2019

LITpro version 1.0.18

  • Features:
    • Basic support for genetic fitter (in prep. dev only)

March 11, 2019

Aspro2 version

  • Features:
    • Added a tooltip on interferometer configurations to indicate alternative names (VLTI small/medium/large...)
    • Added a deprecation message when using the Export OB action in favor to promote A2p2 usage
    • Updated GRAVITY OB template (ESO P103)
    • Added handling ancillary FT / AO targets in the noise modelling according to new target associations (see Target Group Editor)
    • Fixed AO setup handling for former tip-tilt systems
    • Added AO setup combo box in the UV Coverage panel to select the Adaptive Optics system best suited to observe the science target
    • Improved Strehl estimation for VLTI AO systems (MACAO, STRAP, CIAO, NAOMI)
    • Improved manual PoPs handling to preserve compatible PoP set for same telescopes (MIRC 6T to 5T/4T)
    • Added link to the AMHRA web portal on the Target Model Editor
    • Always check the max UV needed against the selected base lines and instrument mode when validating user models
  • Bug fixes:
    • Minor GUI fixes to properly capture screen shots (documentation)
    • Fixed a GUI layout bug in the top right panel (varying compass size)
    • Fixed URL of the CDS Photometry viewer in the Target editor
    • OIFits computation: ensure flagging data if any observable quantity is NaN
    • Fixed FFT processing (subsize < rotated size)

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