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VINCI data processing

This software does not get active support anymore. This page is beeing maintained only to give access to the informations of this legacy software.
You can also get informations from external related links:

Version 3.0 of the VINCI data reduction software was developed by P. Kervella, D. Ségransan and V.Coudé du Foresto.
The Version 3.3 is available since sept. 2018 for download as a single zip file (6.4 Mbytes). The detailed description of the implemented algorithms can be found in Kervella et al. (2004, A&A, 425, 1161). This user-friendly software allows to process automatically the raw data from the ESO Archive up to the the squared coherence factor level.

For installation, uncompress the archive and follow the README.txt instructions. This code has been tested to operate under MacOS X, Linux and HP-UX, but it is provided "as is", on a best effort basis.

The full set of VINCI commissioning data can be downloaded from the ESO archive.