Jean-Marie Mariotti Center

JMDC : The JMMC Measured stellar Diameters Catalog

II/345         JMDC : JMMC Measured Stellar Diameters Catalogue   (Duvert, 2016)

Compendium of Direct Measurement of Apparent Stellar Diameters. (Introduced as part of Chelli et al., 2016A&A...589A.112C). Duvert G. <JMMC center (2016)> =2016yCat.2345....0D
ADC_Keywords: Stars, diameters Keywords: stars: fundamental parameters - techniques: data analysis - techniques: interferometric - astronomical database: miscellaneous - catalogs Abstract: This catalog lists all measurements of stellar apparent diameters made with "direct" techniques: optical interferometry, intensity interferometry and lunar occultations that have been published since the first experiments by Michelson.

Please find the more detail of the first static version of the JMDC on VizieR.

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