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The Astronomical Software to PRepare Observations

Sep. 2012: ASPRO does not get active support anymore (legacy software) but is still available on this page.
Mar. 2017: application link removed because packaging, service and codes are out of date

Please use ASPRO 2 instead
or contact our User Support Team if you need an ASPRO specific feature that is still missing in ASPRO 2.

ASPRO is a complete observation preparation tool developed and maintained by the JMMC that allows to prepare interferometric observations with the VLTI or other interferometers. It allows in particular to simulate the projected baseline evolution during the observations (supersynthesis), derive the visibilities for a given object (single star, binaries, user defined FITS image,...), and offers many additional useful functions.

A description of the JMMC Working Group on the developement of ASPRO can be found on this page.

The following table establishes a feature comparison between ASPRO (the reference) and ASPRO 2.

User Account

ASPRO is freely accessible to every user, you don't need an account for basic use. However, you should get an account to keep essential files onto the server. Please use given forms onto the user account management page.


Main window elements have one associated help. Just right-click the widget to show its short description.
Mains windows also have one help description for the general use of the window. In these cases just use the HELP button.

  • User's manual of ASPRO-VLTI [pdf]
  • General user's manual of ASPRO [pdf]

Change Log

The most recent changes of ASPRO have been reported in real time on this page but are not maintained anylonger.


If this software was helpful in your research, please use this acknowledgement.

ASPRO screen shot